Summer’s End

First and foremost, Thank you!

Thanks to all who have taken the time to follow and read my blog. It is truly appreciated! If you have liked or shared a post, double thanks!! If you have decided to follow me by email, I humbly thank you!

My reason for starting this blog is to document my journey and share insights, resources, and tips for starting a home business within the affiliate marketing arena. Through my journey I hope to inspire others who wish to do the same. Working from home is not easy. I am still facing my struggles and challenges, most of all which include focus, and consistency. The more I learn from others, the more inspired I feel, but then sometimes I feel overwhelmed too. There are so many avenues and roads you can take with affiliate marketing. But I am determined to stay the course!

And the Juggle Begins!

Now the real challenge will began next week, as I return back to work from summer vacation. Big question: How to juggle working from home, while working a traditional job? Just thinking about this question, and then compounding it with the fact that I also have a two year old, is enough to make me want to cringe a little. But then it’s also the reason why I am so determined to succeed at working from home, so that one day (soon), I can say goodbye to my boss and completely work for myself. Therefore, I know I need a plan!

My Plan to Manage the Juggle:

  • Work late nights and or early mornings
  • Commit to at least 2 hours per day (longer if possible during weekends)
  • Set up a schedule for posting days (twice a week) on blog
  • Generate a list of pre-planned topics for blog
  • Generate a list of affiliate marketing activities to accomplish for the week (promotions, list building, readings, digital creations, etc)

So that’s my plan so far. If you have any suggestions or, are facing a similar situation, share a little and place your comments below.

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