Working the Affiliate Market in 2020?

Quick Definition of an Affiliate Marketer: An Affiliate Marketer is a person who chooses to promote the service and or products of others, for a commission check. So basically as an Affiliate Marketer, you are still working for someone else. The benefits to being an online marketer, is you get to set your own schedule, … More Working the Affiliate Market in 2020?

Summer’s End

First and foremost, Thank you! Thanks to all who have taken the time to follow and read my blog. It is truly appreciated! If you have liked or shared a post, double thanks!! If you have decided to follow me by email, I humbly thank you! My reason for starting this blog is to document … More Summer’s End

Thought for the Week

Everything that comes your way is a blessing. (Wayne Dyer) “Everything” includes the “bad” as well as the “good” things. Without a wall or mountain to climb, there is no victory! Every seedling has to push through and endure a struggle in order to grow into a beautiful flower. So, yes, be grateful for your … More Thought for the Week