Welcome to My Affiliate Journey

What are you worth? Why?

Why do I want to work for myself? Because I deserve more than what any 9 to 5 job (just over broke) can provide me. My time is just as valuable. The average annual 40 thousand dollar salary cannot compensate for the eight to ten hour a days I spend away from family and friends. And the three days of personal leave or one to two weeks out of the year, are not sufficient to take care of personal obligations, family vacations, and personal rejuvenation. I deserve better after punching the clock, doing the dirty work and making someone else rich! As an emerging entrepreneur, I look forward to my financial freedom from the rat race and all the bull that goes along with working for someone else. I yearn for the days of being able to spend quality time with my children. Not simply rushing home from work to start dinner, help with homework then put them off to bed. What’s up with that? Well it’s not the life I want for myself or my children.

Entrepreneurship is the key to personal wealth and financial freedom. Hundreds if not thousands of people each year are going into business for themselves. Why? Because being wealthy is not just limited to how much money you bring in, being wealthy also deals with the quality of life you’re able to live. Working for yourself, can give you the flexibility to put family relationships first, to travel, to pursue your dreams and passions. Well, that’s if you know how to work smart. I’m sure there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there that are working just as hard, as if they were working for someone else with no time to spare for themselves or family. But there are those who would also say, that even though they are working hard, the difference is that they are doing something they love. And loving what you do is one of the fundamental keys to success.

Why do I want to work for myself? Because I owe it to myself! I deserve the best life has to offer. I deserve every opportunity there is for me to explore. My children deserve a stable financial foundation from which to reach as well as to have something to call their own. Living pay check to pay check is no way for me to live. I am worth more than that! What are you worth?