Where are the Youtube Experts?

I’m looking for the inside scoop on Youtube! Are any of you willing to share tips and or experiences for beginners like me?


  • I’m not ready to show my face (or hear my voice) on screen, so will an animated video work just as well?
  • I know that I can hire someone from Fiverr to create videos for me, but this option is on hold for now, so can I use other people’s videos to help bring in my own customers / subscribers? How?
  • Besides, using my own blog / website, how else can I drive traffic to my Youtube channel? Remember, I’m on a budget.

Now, there is one expert, Mike Williams who has created the Youtube Secrets Program, and claims to have the answers to some of my previous questions. But I would really like to hear from some of my subscribers or followers, who might also have answers to share as well. I’m mean we are all in this together, so please feel free to share, don’t be shy! LOL! Just drop you comment below. Thanks.

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