Google Forms May be the Way to Go!

So here I am once again trying to tackle this email marketing thing. All I hear (or read / youtube), is how your business is going to fail unless you build your email list. These same people push list builders that cost money. Well, I’m on a tight budget and need a truly “free option” not some 14 or 30 day trial! Yeah, I hear ya, “It takes money, to make money!” Well, I’m rebelling a little against that philosophy! LOL! Before you can invest, to make more, you have to create the more (somehow out of nothing)!

Please, if you are new to this marketing world like me, be wary of others who are trying to convince you that you can start this business (affiliate marketing) with zero dollars! Sure you can start, but you may not get very far. That’s why in the beginning you will struggle, especially if you don’t have the budget, to help you get the resources you will need to build your business. These resources will include 1. (Email) list building systems 2. Landing Pages 3. Automation services (click funnels) 4. All social ad networks (pay per click, etc). The more money you have to spend the less work you may have to do, but until then……you will have to Work it out!

So for now, I am learning how to use what I have, to get me to where I want to be! Google Forms! It’s free and easy! And that’s how I’m going to start my email campaigns! You can create a form in truly less than 3 minutes! See my video below:

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