Feeling a little Frustrated and Need a little Help!

Ok, so now what!?#@! I’m not sure how I missed this when signing up for Mailchimp, but what the %&@$! I spent the day working on campaigns, then later I noticed a red flag issue on my account. After reading this content policy, I am feeling a little frustrated and confused. I can understand wanting to limit certain content and promoting integrity. I get it! Why is promoting work from home a bad thing? I know there are others who are using email marketing to generate leads and income from affiliate markets, and are making legitimate money from home. Plus, there’s always an opt out option for those who change their mind or become un-interested in the content material.

So either Mailchimp is not the right email marketing tool for me, or I’m doing something wrong. Is there anyone who’s an affiliate and is using Mailchimp to build their email list, who can help?


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