Are Email Campaigns Really Necessary!

Hello to All!

So I’m on this affiliate journey and determined to reach multiple destinations! I am still in the beginning stages, taking in lots of valuable information from those who have had a great level of success as affiliates. So far I have gotten my feet wet with blogging, Facebook posts, and a few animated videos on Youtube. I have decided that my niche will focus on working from home solutions, affiliate resources, and personal development, as these are the topics I am most passionate about. Therefore I am researching products / companies that match my interests.

As I continue to learn and grow in this field, I keep coming across this number 1 recommendation from veteran affiliates; “Grow your list!” It took a minute to realize they were talking about email subscribers to your person blog, website, and or social media page. Currently, I have little to no subscribers, but that will change soon! In the meantime, shouldn’t my affiliate links and banners be enough?

The common philosophy behind email campaigns / list building, is that people generally do not pay attention or make purchases on the first viewing of a product or service. So, I guess the “love at first sight” does not work when it comes to sales, even if you have a product that seems quite enticing. This presents a personal challenge to me, because I have always approached buying and selling as “either you want it or you don’t”; and if I don’t want it, don’t bother me. I will let you know if I do! So this mindset has not lend itself to me be open to any type of sales positions.

What I am learning, is that the concept behind email campaigning, is all about building trust and relationships. Like any relationship, those who are truly seeking quality, like to take their time to get to know you (or the product). So it makes sense to have a platform in which your potential customer can asses the value you are providing. You build this trusting relationship through courtship (email campaigns). What comes next, can be life changing!


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