Living with Purpose!

Live your Purpose and you shall Prosper!

Each one of us was born with a reason and a purpose for living. It is our responsibility to identify that purpose and use it, not only for self gratification, but also for the benefit of others. Once you are able to align your purpose with the servicing of others, you will find your life to be fulfilling in all areas, including your finances. But, first you must figure out what will give your life true meaning? Some of us are blessed to know this answer at an early age, it may take others of us a lifetime to figure out. But once you have it figured out, everything will fall into place.

Signs you are living your Purpose

  • You see and feel the value your life brings to others
  • You wake up with positive thoughts about how your day will unfold
  • You look forward to completing your work tasks for the day
  • You are able to overcome personal difficulties / challenges without dwelling or lingering in a negative frame of mind for extended periods of time.
  • You make a point to take time to enjoy yourself and or your family.
  • You are grateful for what you have (even if you feel you are lacking in areas).
  • You are truly able to feel joy when good things happen to you.
  • You are able to truly celebrate in the accomplishments and goodness of others
  • You are continually willing to learn, grow, and improve yourself
  • Others around you, seek your presence, your company and or business.
  • You truly feel content, happy, even joyous about the life you are living.

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