3 Alternatives to Product Recommendations with Amazon

Amazon Associates Have More Ways to Earn!

Most Amazon Associate and other affiliates, rely heavily on product recommendations, comparisons, and reviews. Now there’s nothing wrong with this strategy, as it has been deemed very effective among affiliates. Many costumers are searching for reviews and product recommendations via Google or Youtube on a daily basis. It’s the first thing I do myself, when debating about making a significant purchase. But, Amazon has alternatives for those affiliates, who are looking for alternative ways to promote. Let’s explore these 3 alternatives below:

1. Use Promo Codes

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Can you say “discount!” We all love discounts and your costumers will love you, for discounting their favorite shopping item! Brands that sell on Amazon are creating promo codes for you to share with your subscribers / followers. You can search for these codes by product category and then preview the Amazon landing page to view the discounted offer. The customer will be able to view the discount at checkout. Once the purchase is made through your affiliate link, you will earn advertising fees!

2. Check often for Events and Special Offers

Amazon is great for holding big sales events (such as Prime Day), seasonal offers, and sales on trending items. You can use these sales days to promote heavily to your audience, but you must keep on top of these events. As an Amazon Associate, you simply go to the Amazon Associates page, click on the “Promotions” tab, then scroll and click on the “Featured Promotions” tab. Each listing will include a “Get Link” or “Get Banner” button to share with your followers / subscriber base.

3. The Amazon Bounty Program

So, I am just learning about this program myself. Amazon is defining “bounty” as a “fixed advertising fee” for sign ups for their valuable services and programs. You receive this “bounty” when a visitor to your affiliate link (for the service / program), completes the sign up for a free trial or service. These services or programs may include sign ups for registries, prime video, audible, unlimited music, etc. You can promote these services in the banner form and or text form. Click on the “Promotions” tab within Amazon Associates, then scroll and click on “The Bounty Program” tab. You can promote these banners or text links throughout your blog or website page. Happy Bounty hunting!

Whatever ways you are marketing with your blog or website, I wish you much success! If you would like to become an Amazon Associate and start earning today, sign up here! If you are already an associate, try one of these 3 alternatives, and let me know how it works for you. Feel free to leave a comment below!


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