Determined To See the Results!!!

This past month has been a definite struggle with staying focused and consistent. There is so much going on with end of the school year events, wrapping up work files, family events, and just life issues that I’m feeling that lack in my online business ventures, but I am determined to push through! I am still in the process of changing that mental state, that every so often feeds into the self-doubt and self- sabotaging routines.

So thus far after creating and starting my blog, I have gained 11 followers!  So, if you are one of the eleven, I thank you!!! I am working on becoming more consistent with my posts and hope to inspire you along the way. I also have a corresponding FaceBook page, in which I have received at least 500-1,000 views. So I am so grateful for the attention and opportunity to positively influence others. The income flow is not there yet, but will not quit! In the past, that has been my MO, but quitting yields nothing! Pushing through will give birth to the blessing! If you are where I am and feeling a little down, unfocused, and frustrated, don’t give up! Starting an internet business is easy, but challenging to stick with.

This is what is helping me to get through these feelings of frustration, stagnation, and lack of patience.

  • Every day give thanks for the things I already have
  • Frequently visualize what I want (seeing myself work from home, seeing an increase in money in my bank account, seeing myself on vacation, seeing myself paying off bills/debt, etc. )
  • Modeling after others who have the lifestyle I want to live (Love Nathan Lucas – the Freedom Influencer – Youtube!)
  • Reading books that support my vision.

So these are a few things that you can put into place for yourself, to help you through. Just don’t quit!

Watch the following video from my favorite Youtube mentor!!!


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